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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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situation. lisa: reports of a house explosion near columbus. where it happened and who may have been inside the home. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt , leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: breaking right now, air care headed to a serious crash and fire in hebron. it involves at least two to three vehicles and several victims. kentucky state route 237 shut down at right boulevard after reports of a driver going the wrong way and hitting someone head on. other drivers crashed into the debris. at least one person was inside the car that caught fire. they were able to get out. another person' s being extricated from the vehicle with serious injuries. we have a crew at the scene gathering the latest information for you and will bring you an update as soon as possible. good morning, think for joining
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it looks like across the board, hovering just below freezing. randi: it is wednesday, we' re headed for the weekend. when we get there, it will be in the mid-50' s. there are warmer days ahead. right now, 28 at cvg. most places around here between 27 and 29. there' s a little bit of a breeze. when temperatures are in the upper 20' s, five and 10 mile per hour winds, feels like close to the 20 degrees. clouds right now, temperatures to the similar across the board because of the blanket of clouds pretty thick, but clearing out to the day. expect a mix of sun the second half of the day. temperatures -- yesterday, we started out superduper warm but got considerably cool. same spot today, but more sunshine. at noon, 33. as we warmed to the afternoon, 35 or 36.
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next seven. temperatures are about to ramp up in a hurry. second. first, the roads. kyla: our biggest northern kentucky. we want to remind folks in the area, you will have to use in the area. plant. a lot of emergency vehicles and still a very active scene as you can see from the picture. you can use cougar path or langley. that will do you around the closure. you may be able to use right boulevard to feed into of the sidestreets as well. at the entire area is going to be very busy until crews are able to completely clear the scene. looking at the interstate travel, 275 at hamilton picking up in the northeast direction toward i-75. elsewhere across greater cincinnati, butler county, 75 looking light northbound and
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southbound will build over the next hour or so. we will continue to update you must -- and let you know once the cnet hebron has cleared. expect closures at this time. arco thank you. several unanswered questions regarding a deadly shooting in westwood. dan griffin is live at the scene with the latest on what we know about the investigation. dan: good morning. this latest shooting as frustration to the community of westwood, especially with the suspect on the run this morning. the community has been very outspoken about violence and now police have had quite a focus year as well to try to cut down on crime. the latest shooting happened last night just after 10:00. cincinnati police were here at western glen apartments off montana avenue. the victim was found dead. police say he was 27 years old, done down in the lot. the corner of police were on
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for humidity members, the shooting certainly just adds to they' re hoping to hear from some of them later today and more about why first place. news 5. mark: thank you. an update on the breaking news, air care called the scene of a crash in hebron. lisa: andrew, bring us up to date. andrew: lisa, this is a serious crash on 237 that is shut down in one direction while crews continue their work. right behind us, there is an suv that has some serious damage and looks like it may have rolled over. it looks like the back wheel has been ripped off. down the road, crews continue their work as well. i can see at least one other vehicle, several emergency vehicles on the scene as well. in a balance just took off --
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we do understand air care was brought in for one person with serious injuries and multiple vehicles involved. one of the vehicles may have been going the wrong way on 237, causing this head on crash that left one person with critical injuries and a fairly set off a fire in one of the vehicles. crews are busy working to assess the situation. we' re trying to find out more as well but 237 shut down and merges crew still on the scene for the serious accident. lisa: thank you. this morning, the leaders of an armed group in oregon are waking up in jail. authorities took them into custody during a traffic stop that erupted in gunfire. miriah turner is at the level or desk with the latest. greco we are expecting to learn more this morning from an fbi news conference but what we do know, oregon protester is dead and another injured as
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armed group that has occupied an oregon national why left refuge for nearly a month. federal and state authorities confirmed eight people were arrested, including ammon bundy. several were taken into custody during a traffic stop as they headed to a community meeting. they' re now facing federal felony charges. we are also learning a custody. he has been identified as 50-year-old peter santilli. mark: fire crews respond to reports of a house explosion east of columbus that happened around 9:00 last night. family members have not been able to reach the man who lives in the home according to the nbc station in columbus. crews did not say they found a body, but reports say the coroner has been called to the scene. lisa: the national transportation safety board is sending investigators to the scene of a deadly crash just north of cincinnati that happened in xenia the greene
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the nbc affiliate is reporting the pilot died in the crash while trying to land at the airport. the pilot was the only person on board. a witness who lives near the airport describes seeing the final few seconds of the flight. >> it just looked like it just windows first, from my vantage point into the trees. , but when i got here and the emergency vehicles got here, they found the plane on the end of the runway. lisa: investigators will be on the scene today to take a look and daylight. mark: a service for the milford high school student killed in a car crash. police say 16-year-old drove off the side of the road on window milford in loveland sunday night, over correcting and hitting an oncoming suv. the average -- the other driver was not hurt. visitation for lauren is from 5:00 until 8:00 tonight at evans funeral home in milford. mass will be held tomorrow morning at 10:00 at st. andrew church. lisa: groups in northern kentucky are conducting account of the men and women living on the street. the homeless count helps
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funding that flows to programs to help the homeless. i know volunteers are covering boone, kenton, and campbell counties. hamilton county conducted its count last night and early this morning. >> what we have seen is a slight decrease in the number of homeless people locally. the number of homeless people overall, somewhat tends to mirror what is going on with the economy. this ago during last are scum, the northern kentucky volunteers found 327 people homeless. -- lisa: during last year' s count, the northern kentucky volunteers found 327 people homeless. mark: ahead of the gop debate in iowa. lisa: why our town is getting noticed as one of the friendliest cities in the country. mark: a live look outside for you this morning as you get up and get your wednesday morning started. 20 degrees right now. what is coming our way today? brady go cool tippet is today.
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75 loop, most in the upper 20' s. a cool ride to work in school, maybe some peaks of sunshine as we roll through the afternoon. we' re keeping it in the 30' s today, but this is the coldest air we will see for the next week. temperatures are about to jump
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at lisa: welcome back. 6:12. taking a live look from he been -- hebron, state route 237 shut down at right boulevard after reports of a driver going the wrong way, hitting someone head on. we know multiple cars involved, a lot of industry, commercial
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kyla: this it' s between one of the elementary schools and the toyota plant. it is a very busy stretch. we know now the northbound lanes are still shut down. we heard that from andrew setters at the scene. you can see from the live picture, still very busy. still a lot going on in the area. aircare was called at the scene. injuries reported as well. we want to give you alternates. this is 237 at wright boulevard. you can use lederberg wrote hargrave east or west of their. north of there, possibly' s langley or cougar pass. langley kind of circles you just west of the closure to get you around and some of the side streets. that might be the best way to completely get around that closure. it is still in effect and you can see several emergency vehicles are still on scene. it could linger for quite some time.
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miles per hour northbound through northern kentucky and still a quick five minutes over to the daniel carter beard bridge where we find it very clear conditions. so no problems really on most of the interstate travel. heading into cincinnati, things are starting to get heavy. as you can see from the five minute travel time, not really slowing you down. no delays to report. we will keep you updated on the situation in hebron and the rest of your roadways. lisa: thank you. today' s top stories, the death toll related to the major snowstorm in the east has risen to at least 48. about 1/4 of the deaths were people who had been shoveling snow, which in some locations was more than two feet deep. a major cleanup continues in washington where federal workers , were told not to report. area schools are also closed. mark: police in seattle say two people have been fatally shot and three others wounded by gunfire at a homeless encampment south of downtown. a search for at least one person is under way. seattle'
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the shooting an active crime scene and urged people to stay away from the area. lisa: donald trump says he is skipping thomas republican debate just days before the iowa caucuses. trump is not happy with megyn kelly who will serve as the moderator. she famously challenged trump during the first debate in august. fox is refusing to change its moderator line up and says trump is still welcome. mark: democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders will meet with president obama at the white house wednesday. according to white house press secretary, the president and sanders will meet privately in the oval office with no formal apparently, the president and presidential hopeful first back in december at the congressional holiday ball. some love. america. miriah: cincinnati is near the top of the list. satisfaction ratings of very
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the data revealed the cities were you can always expect service with a smile and are only 10 cities on the list. no other ohio cities made the cut. according to the study, providence is the friendliest place in america. i think that is good news for cincinnati. i' m a transplant. a lot of people say it is hard to fit in. i found it to be very friendly. mark: absolutely. great neighbors and friends. it' s easy. lisa: and it is a beautiful city, too. beautiful weather. since that is freely attitude on full display at the duke energy convention center. people were rolling up their sleeves tuesday to help replenish hawksworth blood center. the and will queen city blood drive that brought together organizations from across the city him occluding the cincinnati cyclones and trihealth. hoxworth says the generosity will keep the blood bank going.
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right now is stable, but we have to stay ahead of that. we had some high schools cancel last week, and that for crimp in our collection. we want to keep things going. the winter can be tough, so that is why we have the drive now. lisa: cincinnati cyclones were giving out free tickets to donors to attend future hockey games. mark: and they know how important it is to get blood, know what i mean? randi: let' s take a look. we have the weather roller coaster ride continuing. we' re at the bottom of the hill right now. one more chilly day in the temperatures climb as we roll toward the weekend. way warmer by the weekend. mid to upper 50' s. next week we may ask lacey 60' s along with some thunderstorms to start out your february. as we look at the radar, it is dry across our area. we have a layer of clouds in place but that will thin through the morning. most places in the upper 20' s. 26 degrees in batesville in springboro, some of the cooler
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get to 5:00, sitting pretty close to where we were yesterday. s with a mix of sun and clouds. today, the coldest day of the coming week. january standards. 6:00, 36. six :00 tonight, a couple of clouds, 34. that' s mixing in and out of the day. it will not turn totally sunny. tonight, partly cloudy skies and lows dipping down in the 20' s. talking warm up, priscilla cold start your thursday. increasing clouds thursday afternoon as a very weak cold front moves through in the evening hours. the good tosses down a couple of flurries or light snow showers thursday evening and a friday morning. mid 40' s tomorrow afternoon, a lot of this will melt away, maybe a quick dusting on the rooftop for on the grassy
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by early friday morning. they won' t really hinder the warm-up too much. 44 to marta 42 on friday. not a big step back. today, 36, a mix of sun and clouds and on the cool side. tonight, 26. tomorrow, it looks great during the day come all the way to the 40' s. he flurries rolling through thursday after about 7:00 in the early friday morning. 42 on friday and mid-50' the weekend. few more clouds. check out early next week, heading into february with high temperatures very close to 60. week and better because light rain showers off and on -- unfortunately, looks like the weekend is better because light showers off and on monday into tuesday. mark: shutting off the water. why officials are considering a falls. lisa: stepping up on the roads. a big night for xavier facing country.
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we are covered a big accident on 237 at right boulevard. more after the break. here' s a look through downtown.
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we will (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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kyla: we of been covering this accident for you in hebron. this is on kentucky 237 or north
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it is that right boulevard just north of the toyota plant. you can see very damaged vehicles on the scene, still a lot of emergency personnel on the scene as well. disclosure could linger for quite some time. to get around it, use limaberg road or langley. you can see a lot of flashing lights. it could linger for quite some time. we will keep you updated. andrew setters and kevin are on the scene bringing us pictures and video as well in the latest on the incident. i want to talk about construction. 75 northbound and southbound, you will see rolling roadblocks overnight starting around 11:00 and lasting until 5:00 a.m.. we will deal with that for the remainder of the week, so keep that in mind if your travels take you the overnight hours. as a look as 75 and mitchell, traffic rolling along at a
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southbound, looks to be at or above posted speeds in the area. we will check again on the situation in hebron coming up. arco thank you. another impressive win for xavier as we get closer to march madness. last night it was a matchup of top 10 teams. the x-men went to providence and took care of business against the musketeers ended up winning this one, 75-to-68. lisa: looking forward to soccer season, and now the schedule is out for f.c. cincinnati. the club' s first ever match is on the road at charleston, south carolina. that' s march 26. the home opener is two weeks later at nippert stadium against charlotte, and that' s set for april 9. in new york, state officials are meeting today to determine whether or not they' ll temporarily turn the raging waters of niagara falls into just a trickle.
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t know. mark: officials will discuss plans to replace 115-year-old bridges linking the mainland to islands near the brink of the falls. the two concrete arch bridges provide millions of pedestrians with access to goat island each year. replacing the bridges will mean reducing the flow on the american side of the falls and redirecting the niagara river to the canadian side. wow. lisa: all barrel travel will probably be called off at that point. randi: i don' t think they encourage her to begin with, but it still happens. mark: they recommend a helmet. randi: much easier gear for those going out to run today. sweatshirt weather for a run this afternoon. for those training for the flying pig amy who participated in a two mile looking at 20 degrees. it feels like 22. -- looking at 28 degrees, it feels like 22. sunshine this afternoon should make a decent a cool running much better for those putting in mileage this weekend.
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train for the flying pig on facebook or twitter. i posted a picture of myself yesterday. i did not want to go. i cranked up some rocking music and finally got out the door and help her to good about it. this weekend, high temperature is in the 50' s. 60' s on weekend, but wet monday and tuesday. lisa: breaking news. aircare called to this crash in hebron. the latest on what happened and the road closures in the area. dan: we are following up on a deadly shooting overnight. we will have the l our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand?
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mark: breaking news right now, aircare responds to this mess in hebron. the latest on the serious crash on state route 237. lisa: a deadly overnight shooting in westwood . the lastest on what we know about the victim this morning and whether police have a suspect in custody. mark: a plane crash just north of cincinnati turns deadly. the latest on the investigation in greene county. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt , leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: -- lisa: good morning, a live look outside on your wednesday
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mark: good morning, i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. randi and kyla are in this morning with your weather and traffic, and we will check in with them in just a moment. mark: but first, let' s get to breaking news. andrew setters is live in hebron with the latest on a serious crash. andrew: good morning. it is our understanding there were four vehicles involved on this crash in 237 northbound lanes, just south of wright boulevard. a number of emergency crews here in a number of vehicles involved. one vehicle may have been traveling in the wrong direction in the northbound lanes, setting off this accident with a head on collision. one of the vehicles involved thought fire and apparently there were a total of four involved that were involved in this accident. one of them catching fire. one person transported to the hospital via aircare and a couple of other ambulances
6:29 am
serious damage to these vehicles. one suv closest to us has the back tire ripped off of it. we were speaking to one of the other photographers from our vehicle actually got out and walked to the ambulance, not seriously hurt. but a light of serious damage -- but a lot of serious damage to these vehicles. emergency crews continue their work on the scene. they will be working to try to figure out what happened and hopefully, they can let us know what they' re finding out about how this accident happened. let' s talk to kyla woods with the bigger picture. a lot of stuff going on. kyla: i was able to get a better idea for this accident is traffic wise and how it will impact you committing to the area. it sits just south of wright , so you won' t make it to wright boulevard because of the
6:30 am
between gateway and wright is were you will run into the accident. you won' t make it too far northbound. your best alternate, just east of their sits limaberg and that will give you a pretty good stretch trying to access the other feeder streets. i think it will be one of your better alternates to access that portion of the road that sits right by the toyota plant in hebron. as you can see from andrew slap shot, still a very, very active scene. we will intensify the closure remaining -- andriy' s live shot, still a very, very active scene. we will continue to follow that closure. interstate travel is not being impacted by the incident but we will bring you updates and we will let you know what is going on and when it has reopened. randi: we are starting out with some clouds around and some cool temperatures. today is as cold as it will get for the next week or so. looking at the radar right now, you can see dry weather, but some clouds. the clouds will thin through the
6:31 am
temperature wise, not really a big difference from north to south. most places, 27, 28 degrees. here' s the breakdown, 8:00 a.m., cloudy, cool, 26. lunchtime, a little more sunshine, 33. 4:00, breezy, 35. a couple of degrees below where we typically are for late january today. chapters sky rocket each day through the week. in the 40' s to mark, 50' s this forecast. we will break down when we may seven days. it is a wild ride. i will have the seven-day in a couple of minutes. mark: in apartment parking lot treated to a crime scene overnight. lisa: police found a man shot to death another trying to find the person responsible. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is leading the way with the new information we' ve just learned overnight. dan: good morning.
6:32 am
certainly a lot quieter than it was last night. there are still no word on a motive or suspects in this case, but there is really level of frustration in this community and they' re trying to really stop that. cincinnati police say the latest shooting happened at the western glen apartments of montana night. the victim was found dead. police say you was 27 years old, gunned down in the lot. see much of last night, however, investigators are not motive. your community members, this brings the frustration with crime to the forefront. we' re hearing more about why the shooting happened in the first place. we' re live in westwood, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. developing now out of oregon this morning, a protester was shot and killed near the occupy national why life refuge. oregon protester was shot and killed when authorities were
6:33 am
refuge. officials say it started with a traffic stop in some of the shots were fired. dr. who fired first step eventually, eight were arrested, including 50 euros peter santilli from cincinnati. mark: learning more about a deadly plane crash in xenia at the greene county airport about 6:00 last time. the pilot died at the crash airport. the pilot was the only person on board. the national transportation safety board is sitting investigation wouldn' t -- investigators to the scene. the next republican presidential debate is scheduled for tomorrow night on fox news channel. the top candidate will not be there. miriah turner at the level or desk with more on the battle between trump and fox. miriah: donald trump is refusing to face questions from fox news because the debate will include
6:34 am
trump believes she is biased and should not be allowed to moderate the debate. fox is not backing down, craning trump years megyn kelly. his opponents are delivering similar message. ted cruz even challenged trump to a one-on-one debate. >> and i know that donald times megyn kelly frightening, so we could arrange for different moderates. we could arrange for mark levin or sean hannity to moderate a rush limbaugh to moderate or glenn back to moderate. >> i' m not a fan a megyn kelly. i think she' s a third-rate reporter. i think she, frankly, is not good at what she does. and i think they could do a lot better than megyn kelly. miriah: trump is hoping -- trump is now planning to host an event and i went to raise money for veterans and winded warriors. mark: thank you. mayor cranley is launching a new ever doubt military veterans in cincinnati.
6:35 am
initiative is already operating at 53 u.s. cities. cincinnati usa, the united way, and now saint joe will help launch cincinnati' s chapter at 11:00 this morning. the goal is to increase education and employment choices for veterans. lisa: there' s another option in newport and it is time to stock the fridge. a new location is opening . doors open at 7:00. the first 250 shoppers get a 20% discount. if you not visited another location, fresh thyme says it is focused on fresh, healthy, natural groceries. kroger' s online grocery shopping is expanding in cincinnati. mark: the hebron store will offer the service to shopper starting today. kroger launched the online option clicklist last year. now 10 stores offer online grocery shopping and programs to double that number by the end of the year. this service allows you to select the groceries online, drive to the store, and have your order loaded into your car. >> you just pull
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call box, say your here to pick up your order, pull up to the spot. the socio-spring out your order to your car. you don' t even have to get out of your car. you pay with your credit card and you' re done and on your way. mark: the first three online orders are free. after that, there' s a flat fee of $4.95 that will be added to your order. lisa: let' s get over to traffic. good morning. we have this big situation in hebron. kyla: that is our big issue along to 37 or north bend. this is another live look at the scene. you can see several emergency vehicles on the scene and the car off to the right as we zoom into the left. we also had another vehicle off to the left where a photographer is aiming and. you can see it is a still very active see because this car also into the far right ditch if you' re headed in that north direction. that is for the lanes are closed and that is off to the right
6:37 am
for a better indication, you will not reach wright boulevard traveling north down. the accident sits between gateway and wright, so take limaberg that is dear the toyota plant. use a look at your interstate travel. still heavy south on 71-75 interchange. northbound starting to pick up, but we usually start to see the southbound side thin out this time of mourning, and that hasn' t happened. eastbound getting crowded your the will so many area -- was so many area. interstate travel starting to pick up. our big issue is hebron along 237 or north bend. we will hear again from andrew setters live from the scene. let' s check in with randi rico. a warm-up is on the way. randi: it is not warm now, but we will get there. temperatures generally mid and upper 20' s.
6:38 am
feels like the teens. this morning, bundle up as kids head off to the bus stop. they still neither winter coat and gloves. temperatures generally in the mid and upper 20' s. cloudy and chilly to start of the school day. after school, right around 36. a mix of sun and clouds. one more chilly afternoon before it looks a whole lot more inviting to get your homework done a get outside and play. 40' s starting to mark, 50' s possible for next week. we will take a look at that in a couple of minutes. mark: thank you. 6:40. would we continue this morning, we' re going to be back with a look at what is happening outside an update you on the latest situation in hebron. also, the latest on the reds working with our youth. lisa: a live look through citycam.
6:39 am
more headl lisa: we are checking on the accident in hebron. we have been bringing you updates out the morning. andrew setters is live. multiple car accidents. give us the latest. andrew: very active scene, multiple direct, 237 northbound shut down still. we have boone county sheriff debbie' s on the scene, another -- a number of emergency vehicles down the scene. four vehicles involved.
6:40 am
may of been traveling in the
6:41 am
direction glen apartments just after 10:00 last night. or just off montana avenue. the victim said to be malone a lot. he was gunned down. he was 27 is old. the corner and police were on investigators have not this case or a motive. for humidity members who have been very outspoken about crime in the past your -- humidity members who have been very outspoken about crime in the past year, this has been a very frustrating situation. for now we' re live in westwood, dan griffin, wlwt. lisa: our third top story, a protester shot and killed near the occupied national wildlife refuge in oregon. lavoy finicum was killed when authorities were arresting members of the armed group occupying the refuge. officials say it started with a traffic stop and some of the protesters refused to surrender. eventually, eight people were
6:42 am
peter santilli from cincinnati. mark: our fourth top story, fire crews respond to the report of a house explosion east of columbus. this happened in newcomerstown around 9:00 last night. family members have not been able to reach the man who lives inside the home. reports are the corner has been called to the scene. lisa: donald trump says he is giving thomas republican debate. trump is not happy that megyn kelly serve as moderator list of foxx is refusing to change its line up and says donald trump is still welcome. mark: let' s see what is coming our way today. randi: today, any 30' s. starting out with to voters generally in the 20' s. by lunchtime, 33. 4:00, 35. a mix of sun and clouds. 36 today is the coldest tight temperature we will see for the next week. thursday and friday, in the 40' s. saturday and sunday, into the 50' s. early next week, upper 50'
6:43 am
the warm air monday and tuesday of next week, maybe even some groundhog day thunderstorms. maybe some rain on tuesday. kyla: this is 237 and the accident sits between gateway and wright boulevard. you will instead -- i' m recommending take limaberg which it sits east of there, northbound and southbound, to get around the accident. we will hear again from andrew in our local report. mark: we will be back in 25 minutes with the latest situation as well as your forecast. lisa: and we will keep you
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